Hey Everyone,

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned the VA had not published the numbers for this week’s Monday Morning Report.  Good news!  The VA finally published the numbers.  Even better news is the number of pending claims has GREATLY decreased.  Wooo  Hoooo!  In fact, the VA processed almost 43,000 claims in the past week.  I had to look closely to find the improvement.

At first glance, I quickly reviewed the number of compensation claims.  Surprisingy, the number had gone from  801,528 to only 799,818.  That’s only 1,710 claims.  That is an improvement.  But where were the other 42,000 claims?

There was an increase in award adjustments and an increase in program reviews.  These didn’t increase much at all. There was a slight decrease in the “other category.”  But again not enough to write home about.

I finally found the improvement in the Pension category.  The winners in the claims process (if you want to say they are winners) are those who’ve had claims pending for Survivor benefits.  The number of claims pending for survivor benefits went from 43,951 to 0.  That’s right – zero!!  That means the VA has made decisions on over 43,000 claims for the surviving spouses of veterans who have died.  These surviving spouses are usually in need of a monthly payment or benefits.  They usually have severe difficulties if they are without monthly funds for any significant time.  And YES the VA does provide benefits to surviving spouses and children.  Good job VA!!!

Here’s the link to this week’s numbers: http://www.vba.va.gov/REPORTS/mmwr/index.asp

In another blog, I’ll discuss survivor benefits and pension.  For now, I’m still focusing on compensation and basic entitlements.  I promise I’ll get to Pension soon.